Where is the event being held?
This year’s QLS Live Event is being held virtually over ZOOM or a comparable video conferencing platform.

Is there a block rate available for rooms?
No. We will not be hosting any portion of this event publicly in Newport, RI or providing any kind of accommodations.

When should I arrive?
We will open up the video lobby 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. It’s a great way to have your morning coffee and chat with other attendees before the day kicks off!

Can I bring a spouse or a guest?
Sure! Anyone that you can fit in front of your computer screen is more than welcome to watch.

Where can I get more questions answered?
Please contact our support staff by e-mailing



Attend Our 6th Annual QLS Live Event //

An invitation from Chris Prefontaine with an opportunity to spend 3 profit provoking days sharing the uncensored perspectives and secrets of…

How to Land 10 Deals in 18 Months in a Seller’s Market

I’m finally opening the lid on my 9-Step MOMENTUM MODEL developed after almost three decades in the trenches, and years of testing with my top-tier clients.

You’ll walk into this event uncertain of your next step, and what to focus on to achieve the best results over the next 12-18 months.
And just 2 ½ days later, you’ll walk out with the confidence to find a steady stream of open sellers – so you can generate as much as $760,000 (see Brian’s story below) and land more deals with less dials, no matter what the state of the market.
How much money did you make in the past year and a half?
Eighteen months ago, I talked to two men on the same day.
They were very much alike.
Both were in their forties.
Both were excited about leaving corporate America and setting out on their own.
Both were passionate about real estate.
Both were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.
But less than a year and a half later, there was a stark difference in their lives – one of the men was in the same job doing the same thing each day. The other had…

Completed 10 Deals and Generated $760,000 in Real Estate Income

So, let me ask you again… How much money did you make in the past 18 months?
Have you ever wondered why some people achieve quantum leaps in their lives, while others just seem to go around and around in circles?
After almost thirty years in the trenches, from…
  • Constructing new homes in the ‘90’s and owning a Realty Executives Franchise…
  • Running my own investments (commercial and residential) and coaching thousands of clients throughout North America…
  • Buying and selling properties with my family team, who still purchase 2-5 properties monthly ourselves (10-15 combined with our students), and are in the trenches every single day…
I can promise you this:
It isn’t a native intelligence or talent.
It isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t.
No, the difference lies in the knowledge each person has, how they use that knowledge, and then full interactive implementation (what we do best!)
And that’s why I’d like to offer you the same opportunity to make the decision Brian O’Neill received just a short time ago – before he went on to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate income using our unique system of generating 3 Paydays™ on every deal…

QLS Live is an Event Unlike Any Other

QLS Live has been our flagship event since that first day in 2016 in the basement of a chamber of commerce building with 14 people.
Since then, it has grown to several hundred attendees. With the market being so hot right now (you could literally sell a shack with an outhouse for $200,000) it’s never been a more important time to attend, because while everyone else is asking “why would a seller do this?”…

Our Team is Doing More Deals Than Ever –
Because we Know How to Perform in a Market that’s Not Favorable

We know the game.
We know how to approach the right lists which nobody else is touching.
What’s more, we also know that despite the fact traditional lead sources may have started to dry up, you can create 3 Paydays™ and crush it – no matter where you are in the country right now.
That’s right – in the words of Joseph Kennedy…

The Best Time to Create Fortunes is When Everyone Else is Running in the Opposite Direction

Kennedy turned $4 million into $180 million during the Great Depression — and we realize that the best opportunities are generated in tricky times, when you know what you’re doing…
For instance, did you know that ⅓ of the properties in the United States are debt free?
Or how, by waiting for the equity, they could get a better price?
Or that there are millions of people who are impacted by forbearance loans, don’t have any equity – and would impact their credit negatively if they had to do a short sale.
Make no mistake about it, there are PLENTY of opportunities out there for people like us who know how to take advantage of the secrets we’ll be sharing at QLS Live. And best of all, you can do it…

Without Taking on Mortgage Debt in Your Own Name, Borrowing Equity From an Existing Property or Slamming Down Thousands on a Deposit

With our system, you get all the upside (including 3 Paydays™ totaling an average of $75,000+ on each deal at the beginning, middle, and end) without the downsides. It’s the ideal entrepreneurial model. And if you’re willing to put the effort in, based on today’s market conditions, this will be the most important event that you ever attend.
QLS Live started as a single-day Mastermind event held in the basement of a local business in Newport, RI.
Less than 20 people turned up on that cold, rainy day — but bonds were formed and successes were had.
Over the past 6 years, our “little event that could” has had hundreds of people attend. And since 2020, it’s gone online – which in many ways has made it even better because we can bring in the best speakers – from almost anywhere in the world.
This isn’t a “talking head” event…
It simulates an offline experience with breakout rooms, leading speakers, and the opportunity to reach out to those you want to connect with directly.
And time goes fast. When you join us on September 15th – 17th, we’re going to show you…

What’s Working Now, in the Trenches, From our Recent Deals

Unlike those who have entered the market since 2010, we’re not newbies in this space.
I’ve been in the game for almost three decades.
We were there for the 2008 crash. We’ve been tested.
And we give you a heads up about all the curveballs likely to be heading down the pipeline in the next three years, so you can dodge them.
Here, in OUR world…

One Good Deal Can Make You More Than the Average Annual Wage

In fact, it’s ROUTINE for my students to surpass that. And once you know how to apply these strategies, you’ll be able to turn them directly into money – literally making money materialize out of thin air, because you’ve got the skills and ability to solve problems others can’t.
Don’t envy us though – join us!
This is the place to see for yourself just how our students make tens of thousands A MONTH or more, using our unique property strategies.
This is the place to investigate… discover… learn about… and get inside information about the real estate business that’s making lots and lots of people wealthy beyond anything they could imagine.

QLS Live is for People From Every Walk of Life

I’m talking about men, women, young, old, highly educated, barely educated, from every nook ‘n cranny of the United States.
And since we’re holding this event online, there’s absolutely no legitimate reason you can’t join us and make a whole lot more money, a whole lot more easily, and have a whole lot more fun than you do in your current career.
Seriously, if you want more income and freedom – and your current career isn’t paying what you know you’re worth – why sit on the sidelines as a spectator when you can grab the bull by the horns and join us?
Of course, if you’re already a current student in our Wicked Smart Community, you KNOW that this is the place you must be – in fact, you may well be one of the great many who’ve already registered with no more than a nudge or a little mention in my newsletters, because you’ve achieved results like this to date…
You know this is the place to rub elbows with, meet, pick the brains of the top, top, top real estate entrepreneurs in the country.
Even if you can barely spell “REAL ESTATE ENTREPRENEUR” right now, this is the place to come to go from zero to $1,000,000 at a breakneck speed, to get on track, and to figure out what you want to do and get equipped to do it.
And make no mistake, this will be an event unlike any other. In fact, I’m going to kick off by opening the lid on one of my most game changing strategies, “wealth stacking” – which reveals…

How to Turn a 4 Year Deal into a 20-30 Year Deal in one Phone Call

This strategy takes just a few hours, however it turns a 3-year sandwich lease that might earn you our average of $75,000 into a 30 year deal that’s worth exponentially more – because you also get Payday 4 – the deal after the deal!
What’s more, it’s win / win / win for all parties.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, the first of 9 strategies you’re going to discover at the event – where I’ll be opening the lid on my MOMENTUM MODEL…
We’re literally going to hand you every single thing you need to know. And if you’re just starting out, we have a core focus on what we call TTFD – or Time To First Deal – as there’s nothing that builds momentum faster.
One thing’s for certain…

You’ve Never Attended an Event Like This.
It’s Totally and Completely UNIQUE.

Why? Because you won’t simply walk away with one crappy piece of the jigsaw puzzle. You’ll get the inside secrets into everything you need to know to join a movement that actually sees results!
There’s simply nobody else teaching these techniques, and certainly not with this depth. Only a few come anywhere close, but most don’t truly understand what they’re doing because they haven’t lived through enough market cycles.
Okay, let me walk you through the other eight strategies you’ll discover when you attend…

Strategy #1: Planning
Get a Step-by-Step Plan to Bridge the Gap Between
Where You are and Where You Want to be

Right at the beginning of the QLS event, we’re going to identify where you are, where you want to be, and create an exact game plan for exactly what you need to do to bridge the gap so you know…

Strategy #2
Exactly What to Do Every Day, Week, and Month
to Take Your Real Estate Business to the Next Level

You’ll discover how to set KPIs and metrics for lead generation, the perfect lead streams for you (and what you must know before you decide to wade into them), and the three most important activities you should make a priority on a weekly basis.
Plus, I’m even going to share the “blocking” technique all our most successful Associates swear by, and what habits and routines will get you “unstuck” if you feel like you’ve hit a wall.
Bottom line: You’ll walk out with a comprehensive, step-by-step marketing plan that makes success inevitable, if you’ll simply follow the step-by-step principles.
NO MORE UNCERTAINTY, just a clear straight line to achieving your dreams. Think that sounds like a pipe dream? You’re wrong. Be a skeptic and keep suffering or be smart and attend this event to master this process for yourself.

Strategy #3: Telephone Mastery
How to Overcome Your Fear and Shorten
Your Number of Dials to Deals

The phone is a normal fear you hit in our business, but there is a formula you can use to be super comfortable and confident on the phone – so you can access more people needing your solution and shorten the number of dials to deals.
It’s like a switch you can flip in your brain which takes away all the pressure…
Even after a bad seller call (especially once you understand the ‘boom, boom’, sniff in reverse, Dog, and Firebreathing techniques). Or after you receive a defensive question like…
“Are You an Investor, Flipper, or Real Estate Agent?”
Once you leave this event, you’ll know this formula, and be clear on exactly what to focus on when you’re on the phone to feel in command, so you can help any seller, no matter what the situation.

Strategy #4: Deal Making
How to be a Master Transaction Engineer – Know the Right Deals to
Make and When to Make Them, Applicable to Each Scenario

Deal making is a little like martial arts in that you need to know when to make the right move at the right time, in order to ensure a win/win/win scenario for all parties.
And there’s several formulas for finding and structuring the right deals we’ll be sharing with you at this event, depending on the situation.
For example, if a seller is facing a foreclosure or another distressing situation, there’s a specific way to deal with this. Likewise, if you’re faced with a seller trying to move what they consider an unsellable property.
There are solutions for each of these situations. It’s all about understanding how to construct the offers, crunch the numbers, and position the property in the right way.
Plus, you’ll also discover how long making a deal should take (depending on the type of deal)…
And the best type of property, seller, neighborhood (or combination of them all) to focus on based on where you are based, and your particular skillset.

Strategy #5: Building Credibility
How to Position Yourself as a Doctor or Lawyer –
Not a Salesperson

You’ll discover a very specific, definite, proven process we’ve fine-tuned to perfection to build authority. And I’m going to PROVE it’s effectiveness to you with actual examples (not just “ideas”). I’ll show you the marketing tools we use to elevate you in the eyes of prospective sellers, and let you quiz someone who uses this process.
And even if you’re just getting started you WILL walk away with a deep understand of precisely how to leverage off the foremost experts in the nation to create trust, and explain your backstory to create enormous levels of trust, no matter how mundane you may think it might be).
Plus, you’ll discover how to structure your web site so it builds maximum trust, what you MUST DO after turning a lead into an appointment to build the sort of credibility and trust which makes selling easy – and THE EXACT SCRIPTS and dialogue to use in order to instantly put yourself in a position of authority.

Strategy #6: Million Dollar Best Practices
What our Top Performers Have in Common

There’s a difference between winners and losers in our business, and it all boils down to the simple fundamentals.
But they’re not what most people think – and that’s why you’re going to get an exact checklist of what our most successful associates do.
Look at this daily and you’ll never go off track. It will help you transition from corporate America to full time real estate and escape the “paycheck lifestyle” – and includes the 3 highest payoff activities everyone who’s the CEO of their own real estate business should be focusing on. Plus, the two critical things you need to focus on to scale.
I’ll also be sharing exactly what I would do if I was restarting over today, and the two things I wish I had done earlier in my real estate career that would have moved the needle forward faster – based on what I’ve learnt about the common traits of those who both succeeded and failed in our business.
Plus, the ONE THING you must be extremely clear on when balancing your family commitments with building a business, that will allow you to make decisions with certainty – including a time blocking technique that allows you to relax no matter what you’re focusing on.
And exactly how our highest achievers do in the first hour of each day to get started on the right foot, and how they plan out each trimester using the “law of 3.”

Strategy #7: Stacking in Action
From Corporate America to Full Time
Real Estate Business in 12 Months

If you don’t want to get out of the corporate world yet, you will. Brian O’Neill did, with a bile-rising-out-of-the-stomach, fist-clenching passion.
As a result, he became obsessed out of engineering every minute to high-tail out of there in 9 months, exceeding his two year goal.
And he’s not the only one. You’ll hear about how a nurse and a client in the transit and distribution industry did exactly the same thing using my “stacking” principles which allow you to move at your own pace, and get out of the rat race as slowly or quickly as you have the motivation to do so.

Strategy #8: Hiring a Virtual Assistant
The Ultimate “Rocket Fuel” for
Your Real Estate Business

Every real estate investor has at his or her fingertips the opportunity to hire a VA, and it can make your business grow faster than you ever dreamed possible.
The best part is they’re available for as little as $10 per hour, yet knowing HOW to do it is key, as there are plenty of mistakes you can make along the way. That’s why we’re going to show you exactly…
  • What to get them to do
  • How to train them
  • What scripts and resources to give them
  • How to set expectations
  • How to know whether to let them go, or KNOW if they are the right fit
And most importantly, how to set up the systems so they can do 75% of the talking, and then passing you the super qualified leads every week to underwrite and close.

Strategy #9: The Inner Game of the Top 1%
The Difference that Makes the Difference

Despite having the same skillsets and tools at their disposal, some associates can get deals done and quickly grow their business… while others struggle.
What makes the difference?
Only a very small percentage of associates truly understand this secret which allows you to quickly overcome paralysis by analysis and the “I’m busy” excuse as a roadblock to being more productive, get out of your head, start taking action – and stay focused when things get tough by making the fear disappear so you can follow your plan.
The “science” of being in the TOP 1% is something I’ve only taught to my top-tier clients until now. Yet I’ll be putting everything on the table at this event – including exactly how I’ve personally thrived despite challenges and uncertainty and THE UNIVERSAL LAW that will make your business explode – even if you’re strapped for time and currently feel like you’re moving nowhere.

You’ll Get Raw Experience From What’s Working Now –
Not “Book Knowledge”

Everything I do, everything I know, has not been gained from books but from raw experience.
Not just from re-engineering our business after the ’08 crash to buy on terms…
But also from doing thousands of hours of personal consulting work with real estate investors at all levels of experience and success (from 20 years in the business and millions in earnings to beginners and everybody in between) and I can absolutely assure you that much of what you’ll learn at this QLS Live event has not been mastered by 99% of all the people who attend.
What you will discover will give you an unfair advantage, will change the way you conduct your business, WILL increase your income. WILL accelerate your progress.
In summary, the KEY STRATEGIES you’ll discover at this event are…
  • How to turn a 4 year deal into a 20-30 year deal in one phone call, using “wealth stacking”
  • How to create a step-by-step plan to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • How to overcome your fear of the phone and shorten your number of dials to deals
  • How to become a master transaction engineer by knowing the right deals to make and when to make them – applicable to each scenario
  • How to position yourself as a doctor or lawyer – not a salesperson
  • What our top performers have in common
  • How to go from corporate America to full time real estate business in 12 months
  • How to Hire a Virtual Assistant – and get the ultimate “rocket fuel” for your real estate business
And make no mistake about it – these strategies work…

Real Clients, Real Results //

Don’t just take our word for it.
Watch what past event attendees have to say about QLS Live.

There’s No Excuse for NOT Attending
The QLS Live Event in 2021

In the past, I have charged as much as $647 for an event like this.
And if you consult with me privately, the fee is currently $3,750 per day. There’s a long list of people who will tell you it’s worth at least 5x that much.
However the ability to deliver this online – without all the expenses of a live event, which costs so much to put on – allows me to make it possible to join us for a reasonable investment… just $199.
With our incredibly discounted ticket price, if you wouldn’t eagerly pay that to just sit in on just one or two of the presentations, I have to say, you’ll live to regret it.

Here’s Another Way to Reduce the Investment Even Further

My son and I are a team. And boy it makes a massive difference to our lives. It means if I’m pulling in one direction, he’s not pulling in another. And I think that if at all possible, if you are part of a “family team” too, you should bring them with you – because when you’re in this together it can make such a big difference to both your lives.
So I’m going to help you out, by letting you bring your partner, children (or a direct family member) along for less than half price – $99.
I know that’s crazy, but there’s a few reasons we are doing this.
First, the events tend to go much better with a bigger group of people.
There’s more excitement, more people for you to meet, more connections made.
Second, many tend to invest in our other programs once they’re exposed to us. So events like this allow you to meet the community and do your due diligence, for a minimal investment.
And finally, I have devoted my life to helping good people understand it’s possible to get out of the rat race and earn a handsome living…
  • Without the normal frustrations of real estate investing
  • Without the hassle of renovating
  • Without the risk of buying off the plan
  • Without running at a cash-flow loss
  • Without sleepless nights from worrying about where the money will come from to pay the mortgage
  • Without compromising your integrity
While creating win/win/win opportunities for all parties involved…
I have helped thousands of people do this for themselves and their families.
And I want to help you, too. My motive really is that simple.
Bluntly it will not matter to my lifestyle whether you part with the few dollars asked of to you to attend this virtual summit or not. And the minimal dollars and hours won’t matter much to you either – considering what’s at stake.
However missing out on this information could mean EVERYTHING to you.
What’s more…

I’m Not Asking You to Buy “A Pig in a Poke” –
You Get a 100% Risk Free Guarantee

There are NO forms to fill out. NO questions. NO hoops to jump through or explanation required or desired.
Bluntly, I couldn’t care less why. If you are not delighted with the breakthroughs you receive at QLS Live, simply let me know anytime during the event – or even up to a week afterwards – and you’ll immediately get every cent you invested returned.
So, you take ZERO risk.
The only risk to you is what you lose by NOT being here. Especially since…

There’s Something Far more Important at QLS Live
Than Even What the Experts Have to Say

It’s interesting: what you overheard your parents talking about while hiding at the top of the stairs when you were a child was undoubtedly more influential in your life than what your teachers taught you in the classroom, which could be good or bad.
I remember the first seminar I ever attended. I sat in on every session, and I did not find anything useful (that won’t happen at QLS Live) – however I got two real “gems” from listening in on hallway conversations. What’s more, I met three people who were extremely valuable to my career, that I never would have met otherwise.
My point is: while this is not a LIVE event, it simulates one. There will be breakout rooms, and opportunities to network in the breaks – so you can take advantage of the high calibre and generosity, rub shoulders (virtually) with our highest level associates… and form relationships with so many others growing their real estate businesses all in one place.
If you come to QLS Live with this intention and make a point of connecting with as many people as you can, participating in conversations, reaching out directly, you ARE extremely likely to find a million dollar idea, opportunity or contact.
Just one nugget which lands you an extra deal could be worth $75,000 to you. And if you think you might find a higher calibre of real estate entrepreneurs of all levels of experience, know-how and success – including people who have become millionaires and multi-millionaires using my system – anywhere else, you’re sadly mistaken.
Make no mistake, there’s no event like QLS Live. It’s totally and completely unique. And I have racked my brain to see what else I could do to make this the most fantastic, exciting, life altering, freedom giving experience you’ve ever had. I believe I’ve done it. Here’s what I’ve got in store for you…

Have you ever been made a more irresistible offer?

As you can see… we’ve built the biggest, grandest most valuable QLS event yet. Last year’s was a truly extraordinary experience totally and exclusively devoted to the real estate investment business – and it received even greater reviews than normal, because we had a choice of speakers we wouldn’t normally get to attend live.
This year is sure to be even more remarkable. Certainly, the cost of missing out far, far exceeds the costs (money and time) of attending. I cannot conceive anyone serious about building their real estate investment business letting anything interfere with participating at this event.
I imagine everyone will agree, so there should be a literal stampede of people rushing to register.
Chris Prefontaine
P.S. There are lots of ways to make it to the top in the real estate investment business. You can scrap and struggle and fight and make tons of mistakes to figure it out yourself like I did. You can try to piece it together just from books, YouTube videos, and courses. Or you can take the elevator to the top – get the scripts, the blueprints, and the advanced vitally important “how to” lessons at the QLS Live event, while rubbing shoulders with many other millionaire and multi-millionaire real estate investors. Why climb 87 flights of stairs, when you can take the elevator to the top?